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Activate Your Classroom!

Faculty in higher education often comment on disengaged students who are (or appear to be) bored in class. Are you are looking for ways to innovate your classes to engage students for a more dynamic classroom?  There is help! Whether your classes are face-to-face, online, or blended, there are strategies you can employ for deeper student learning and engagement.

If you're looking for a campus workshop or a talks on active learning and innovative pedagogies in multiple platforms please use my contact link or see contact information below.

Sample comments: "Not only does Gretchen have a compelling presence, she has a LOT of experience with different approaches to teaching, and she is terrific at articulating them." -- Steve Kerby, Director of Instructional Technology, McDaniel College

Topics and Offerings:

Campus Workshops


One on One Consulting

Reacting to the Past - immersive role-playing in higher education

Gamification in higher education

What to do you do in the F2F part of a flipped class?

How to design a hybrid or blended class

Best practices in online course design

Curating digital content

Past Workshops :

Faculty mentor for the Council of Independent Colleges Online Humanities Teaching Consortium II (August 2016-August 2018).

Plenary speaker and Reacting to the Past role-playing game workshop facilitator on gamification at the American College of Greece, September 12, 2016.

Sweet Briar College, day-long workshop on active learning in F2F and online classes (May 2016).

American College of Greece, week-long Reacting to the Past game workshop (January 2014)

Contact me for more information:

@GretchenMcKay1 on Twitter