Dr. Roger Casey with Dr. Gretchen McKay
Dr. Roger Casey (President of McDaniel College) with Dr. Gretchen McKay at the May 2105 awards ceremony

I am a professor of Art History at McDaniel College in Westminster, MD. I currently serve as the chair of the Department of Art and Art History and have held numerous administrative positions, including Associate Dean of Academic Affairs, Assistant to the President for Special Projects, and Director of the Center for Faculty Excellence. I was honored by my colleagues with the Ira G. Zepp Distinguished Teaching Award in 2015. I am also the Director of the Mellon Grant for Undergraduate Research in the Humanities.

I am passionate about engaging students. In 2007 I started teaching with Reacting to the Past, a deeply immersive role-playing teaching approach that began at Barnard College by Professor of History, Mark Carnes. That experience radically changed my teaching.  To support Reacting, I was elected to a three-year term as Chair of the Reacting Consortium Board that began in June, 2016. From 2011 to 2015, I chaired the outreach committee of that board.

After my first experience with Reacting, I started redesigning every course and have written two games that are in development for the Reacting Consortium library of games: Modernism versus Traditionalism: Art in Paris, 1888-89 (which was first debuted at McDaniel College and featured in this story and also played at dozens of other institutions, including at Ithaca College and was written about on this blog) and Byzantine Iconoclasm: 726-843.

My newest project seeks to link my work with the digital humanities with art history and undergraduate student-faculty research.  I am in the beginning stages of researching Italo-Byzantine Panel Painting, specifically observing and tracking iconographic changes instituted by Italian artists on Byzantine models, like on the one below: a classic Byzantine icon of the Eleousa (tenderness) type, with a close and intimate relationship between the Virgin and Child expressed.

Virgin of Vladimir, Byzantine icon, circa 1130, Constantinople
Byzantine Icon, Virgin of Vladimir, (Eleousa type), ca. 1130. Likely painted in Constantinople. Now in Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow, Russia

This contrasts with the painting below it, a Madonna and Child panel painting from the Kress Collection at the Birmingham Museum of Art in Birmingham, AL. Dated to around 1285-95, it shows some significant departures from the Byzantine original type.  I am building a site which you can visit here that will map these paintings. I plan to work with undergraduate students to feature their research and work on this site.

Madonna and Child, Kress Collection of Birmingham Museum of Art, Birmingham, AL, USA. Ca. 1285-5 in Tuscany



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