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Student Athlete Consulting

Engaging students inside and outside of the classroom is my focus and passion.  My story as the faculty mentor to the football team has been featured in The Chronicle of Higher Education and in the NCAA's Champion magazine.

Testimonials from Campus Visits:

"Athletics, more than any other co-curricular activity, shapes the schedules and the practices of college students. At an increasing number of institutions, mine included, more students participate in athletics than any other non-academic activity. We invited Gretchen McKay to help us think about these facts. Her insights about the academic lives of student athletes were deep. But even more importantly, she helped us see how active learning techniques can build on the practices of student athletes to improve the learning of all students. She is warm, funny, wise, and as comfortable with coaches as she is with faculty. I would strongly recommend her for any campus seeking to deepen the learning of student athletes and their non-athlete peers." -- Dr. Gary Daynes, Provost of Barton College

“Dr. McKay provided us with critical insights into how we can better engage our faculty in order to arrive at successful outcomes for our student [athletes]. As a result of our dialogue, my staff feels empowered to truly open their programs to our faculty in order to take a team approach. While we were already outstanding performers in the classroom, we have pushed that performance to the next level.” - Steve Peed, Director of Athletics, Maine Maritime Academy

Interested in learning about ways to support student athletes at your institution? Please contact me at